The Engadget Interview: Fusion Garage's Chandra Rathakrishnan... post-fallout

Engadget - If we learned anything from our last encounter with Chandra Rathakrishnan, it's that the Fusion Garage CEO is nothing if not candid when discussing his company's past failings. Of course, such admissions came amidst great deal of hype from the executive, who was, at the time, heralding the second coming of his company in the form of the Grid 10, Grid 4 and the innovative Grid OS that fueled the devices.

It was the latest chapter in what's proven to be a long and bizarre tale, one that began with the dream of a $200 internet tablet. After countless scheduling pushbacks, fights and price hikes, the proposed CrunchPad finally came to life as the JooJoo, a $499 device that was greeted with scathing reviews, poor timing (thanks mostly to Apple's long-awaited announcement of the iPad) and rather lackluster sales, to put it kindly. In spite of attempts to rally the line, the tablet died a lonely death, and most suspected that it had taken the rest of the company with it.

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