Sony PlayStation Vita is a Huge Success in Japan, 321400 Units Sold in 2 Days

DeviceMag - Remember, Sony’s newest portable gaming device PlayStation Vita made its debut in Japanon Saturday. It is estimated that Sony sold 321400 pieces in the first two days.

The figure proves that Sony is sitting pretty on their terrain in the country. However, the number is 50000 units fewer than what was achieved by Nintendo 3DS in the first two days, back in February.

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contra1574506d ago

Makes the 3ds hardware look puny

aDDicteD4506d ago

ps vita will be a hit as well in the US on feb. when it comes out,, cant wait


Sony Playstation Vita Cracked

Carl Williams writes, "The Sony Playstation Vita is a marvelous hand held gaming device. I personally don’t own one, yet, but I have been fortunate enough to borrow some here and there from friends over the years. The PS Vita is also a bane for many independent developers that want to release games for it as it has not been opened up. Until now. The first release of a new crack that opens the Sony Playstation Vita to independent developers is finally here. Only took what, four or five years?"

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Project Morpheus PlayStation Vita Integration Confirmed

VRFocus: Back in May of this year, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) Simon Benson hinted at the possibility that the PlayStation Vita may be part of the long-term plan for Project Morpheus. Since then, a member of Benson’s team at SCEE London Studios has gone one further, confirming that the handheld console is already being used internally.


PS Vita's future 'unclear outside of Japan', says Sony boss

Sony Computer Entertainment head Andrew House has admitted that the PS Vita's future is uncertain outside of Japan.

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