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Is Kindle Fire the right choice over Android tablets?

GizmoWatch - Previously, we have harped many times about how Amazon has redefined this electronic genre of tablets with their Kindle Fire. And once again, we throw in our two pennies worth of assessment, albeit with a slightly commercial perspective. A practical (rather than a wondrous) amalgamation of a tablet and media center, the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire has taken to many a new potential customer's liking. But does really have in it to compete with its heavyweight peers in the Android realm? Well, some analysts would comprehensively like to think so. As a matter of fact, according to Robert Cihra, an analyst from Evercore Partners, 'the Fire may very well take around a whopping 50 percent share of the total Android market.' Now, the question remains, does this estimation allude to Fire as the obvious choice for smart consumers?

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