Apple loses one in its iPad tablet war with Samsung

ZDnet - A German court has made a preliminary ruling that Samsung’s redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not violates Apple’s iPad intellectual property.

KingPin4505d ago

this is great news.

this is a bump in the road for Apples world domination.

iNFAMOUZ14505d ago

so it begins, apples demise haha love it.

Trenta274505d ago

This doesn't stop Apple. You know that, right?

blumatt4505d ago (Edited 4505d ago )

lol @ people wanting Apple to die. haha That's just not gonna happen, guys. Not anytime soon. I love my MacBook Pro and iPhone 4S, but I do agree that Apple needs to lower their prices a bit.

Anyway, I agree that just because Samsung's tablet looks similar to Apple's iPad, doesn't mean that Apple should be able to sue. Lots of products look similar to others but that doesn't mean they should be able to sue each other. It's about the content the devices deliver and their functionalities that matter.

KingPin4505d ago

we dont want apple to die BUT we dont want apple to be the only product available either.

MacBooks and iPhones are fine, i got nothing against them, but i prefer pcs <with linux> and Droids.

to each his own.

Kos-Mos4505d ago

Yeah, fuck apple. Electronics for americans.

Software_Lover4505d ago

????? Americans come from...........

So basicly you're saying "Electronics for the world"

Grip4505d ago

i don't understand what u too blabbing about

Kos-Mos4504d ago

Culture has evolved you dildo.


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sonicwrecks57d ago

I've fixed the images on some of these past submissions of yours. Please in the future make sure the image isn't broken on submission.( I always found it best to download/upload it to be honest. )