Optimus Prime Is Suing Asus Over Transformer Prime

Geeks Have Landed - ASUS is facing legal action against Hasbro, for infringing the trademark of 'Transformers'.

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xVeZx3996d ago

how did they not expect to be sued over this calling it the transformer prime....theres even a transformers show going on right now on the hub called transformers prime

xtheownerzx3996d ago

I guess they they thought they could sneak one by

hazelamy3996d ago

if i were LG with a phone called Optimus out right now, i'd probably be worried.

ThirstyforFanta3995d ago

Not really.. Optimus alone doesn't necessarily mean it's from Transformers..
ASUS used both Transformer AND Prime.. Just like the Transformers show that is aired now

mindedone3995d ago

Transformers Prime is trademarked, that is why they are being sued. Optimus is probably not trademarked, while Optimus Prime probably is.