700,000 Android Devices are activated each day

AppSplit: "Android is witnessing 700,000 activations per day now, says Andy Rubin. This growth is pretty amazing, and shows the popularity of the OS. Previously in July, 550,000 activations were recorded per day and now a giant leap towards 700,000 activations is great for the company and shows, how deeply Android OS has penetrated the Mobile market."

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appsplit3998d ago

I wonder how many of these are new to smartphones versus those switching from iOS? I would imagine there are a lot of Apple fans switching to Android now. I'm still on an iPhone 4 but have been thinking about going Droid. Same thing for tablets, I think our next tablet is going to be Android based and not another iPad.

gaffyh3998d ago

I'd bet that the majority are new, because there are still quite a lot of people using old-style phones. Also probably some people switching from BlackBerry due to the BlackBerry crumble a few months ago.

gamernova3998d ago

A lot of people are also just flashing modded roms and it makes you activate all over again.

dilawer3997d ago

I'm not sure if modded ROMs count as a whole new activation but then again who knows?