Eric Schmidt Says Google Tablet Could Be Here Within Six Months

NRM writes "Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed the search-giant's intentions to begin marketing “a tablet of the highest quality” within the next six months, a move that sees the “brutal competition between Apple and Google Android” rage as fiercely as it has for quite some time..." [ctd.]

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SquishyGorilla3999d ago

With the general trend of setting the Android standard with high-end 'nexus' smartphones, then chances are they may do the same with a 'nexus' tablet; but they can't ignore the Quickfire success around the likes of the Kindle Fire (no pun intended)...Quite a dilemma for them. Pretty excited to see what Google do with this.

fatstarr3998d ago

I hope they test it out on the masses, I would love to be a Google test dummy. “a tablet of the highest quality” sounds great especially coming from google... good thing I didn't get a galaxy tab for xmas I would be so mad right now

SquishyGorilla3998d ago

Don't talk of such a dream! Makes life seem so monotonous.

The hardware isn't what's wrong with Android tablets at the moment, it's the vast difference in ecosystems and the OS itself. Hopefully this is improved with ICS unifying the mobile & tablet; but does Schmidt mean a new Google 'nexus tab' that will bring in a new Android dessert variant?

PaddyMan3998d ago

Google will probably end up taking over the world! Muhaha

ThirstyforFanta3998d ago

It's not that far fetched actually lol

SquishyGorilla3998d ago

Google Earth is going to mean something completely different soon... lol