4K TV resolution: what you need to know

TechRadar: TV is gearing up for another revolution in picture quality.

Today's 1920 x 1080 resolution Full HD TVs present us with an image of around 2 million pixels. But a new generation of screens are coming that deliver an 8 million pixel image.

These so called 4K Quad HD, or Super HD, displays, have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (give or take), and can offer unprecedented picture clarity.

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fatstarr4508d ago

interesting interesting, 2014 I see it consumer wide and adopted by the masses 2017

Software_Lover4508d ago

We dont need higher resolutions, just make what we have better. I love the fact that televisions, for the most part, are going to LED tv's. Make that tech better. I love the fact that apps are being built into the televisions. Find away to add more or enhance the ones that are there. I love the 240hz refresh rate of my television. Lets go for more.

Lets work on what we have so we can make products more affordable for the masses.

Vortex3D4508d ago (Edited 4508d ago )

Good luck getting clean 4K details out of older films. Even at 1080p, it already takes a lot of time and money to clean the older films to look good at 1920x1080.

That's why so many Blu-ray movies look like crap.

4K has its purpose but will be limited to fewer films that have good details in the film and gone through serious remastering. Even for future films, not everyone will care about picture quality that is true 4K quality.

arjman4508d ago

Aren't 35mm films much higher res than blu ray?

Shouldn't it take the same amount of time?

Vortex3D4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

Just because films like 35mm has high resolution, it does not mean the picture quality is remotely there after digitally scanned. Read some of the articles about film restoration process and you will be amazed on the work needed to get the picture quality up to the standard.

A good example is Blade Runner restoration. I read a detailed article on amount of work that went into the restoration for the movie but I can't find the link. Here are some other articles about it.

clevernickname4508d ago

I doubt that I will see broadcast 4K video in my lifetime. Hell, my cable company can barely provide me with a watchable 1080i program due to pixelization and artifacting of the video.

The entire underlying structure of broadcast television will have to be redefined to allow 4K television.

LightofDarkness4508d ago

Indeed, it would only be available in large urban areas with multi-band fiber optic cabling installed underground. That in itself is a very expensive undertaking.

Vortex3D4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

You are very right. It's easy to advertise "1080p" because it's just a number. But to live up to the advertised big number, the company needs a lot of bandwidth. So, they do 1080i. But 1080i still need a lot of bandwidth. So, they compress the picture heavily and you see tons of pixelization and artifacts especially when it's showing water wave, image with a lot of objects like a lot of trees in the forest, clouds in the sky and fast panning on the picture. Even the old analog in SD looks better.

When I asked the salesman who adverting the word "1080p" really big, my simply questions are why scenes like water, ... fast panning picture looks terrible? Where is the bandwidth to get the advertised number?

If I can consistently get truly high quality 1080p that has been advertised for years, I'll be happy. The reason 4K is needed is because 1080p is now yesterday's news. Just the number "4K" gets a lot of people excited without even asking how often they can get true "4K" quality picture.

theonlylolking4508d ago

I do not think it is time for 4k televisions. People are just getting their HD tvs.

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