MIT offering free courses online with unofficial certification

What's Hawt: "The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will soon be offering free online courses available to the public, and will even award a certificate of completion for the work done."

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Speed-Racer3997d ago

Anyone planning to take part in this?

IllusionRSN3997d ago

Nah, I'm all dome with school.

Speed-Racer3997d ago

Never too late to learn something new.

Crazay3996d ago

MIT + Free = Awesome. It may not be an official accreditation but you could at least show employers what you're doing. It shows a work ethic and the want to learn new things. That makes an employee valuable and MAYBE you'll get lucky and the company will pay for you to get proper education.

Halow3997d ago

I see no reason to not try and better myself with free classes.

juanvan3996d ago

Think I might take a look into it..

thebudgetgamer3996d ago

I like to watch the sessions on youtube. I'ts almost like going to M.I.T.

gaden_malak3996d ago

Depends on the courses, I might take a look.