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AMD Radeon HD7770 photos leaked

vertex_shader at posted leaked pictures of new VGA card.

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theonlylolking4002d ago

Not really much to see since all cards look the same.

steve30x4001d ago

My Palit GTX 580 with custom twin fan cooler doesnt look like a stock GTX 580.

Rashonality4001d ago

Seventy-seven seventy...i like the way it sounds lol

Johnny_Cojones4001d ago

Hopefully it's not another rebadged 5770. In line with the supposed speed of the 7970, I'd like to see a sub $200 2GB card that can best a GTX 560 Ti. It would make things very interesting. You could have a $400 crossfire solution that could match a 590 or 6990. That would be something.