Scientists discover the secrets to a successful pop song

New Rising Media: "Talentless singers rejoice. University of Bristol scientists have created software that has the ability to analyse and determine the hit potential of a song.

Called 'Score a Hit,' data has been collected about tunes in the UK top 40 since 1961 for the purpose of using the equation, to see if it's estimations were correct and precise. The program has been able to predict chart positions with roughly 60% accuracy through it's algorithm of evaluating 23 characteristics of the song such as danceability, harmonic simplicity and volume."

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tplarkin74001d ago

60% accuracy? That's slightly better than the flip of a coin.

bwazy4000d ago

You read Ultimate Guitar's comment section in their articles, wow aren't you clever.

tplarkin74000d ago

Wrong. I made that up all by myself. Maybe they stole that from me?

bwazy4000d ago

Time stamp doesn't check out, nice try.

GanjaMan4001d ago

the secret is get onboard with the illuminati and they will give you the the best song writers and production team to handle your songs, thats the lady gaga way and many other big artists but is it really worth selling your soul for fame :S