Apple Fanboys Were Douchebags in the ’80s Too

Gizmodo-"One could argue that everyone in the 80s dressed like total douchebags. That's probably true. I'm guilty of that (thanks mom!). But you can also argue that Apple users wearing Apple gear looked extra-douchebaggy with vagina cleaning foam on top.

I still have a few of those striped Apple pins myself. I also had one of those caps. And an Apple clock. And, let's face it, who doesn't want one of those awesome pseudo-Porsche Carrera glasses now? Every Apple hipster would want one nowadays! Heck, I want two pairs."

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Fel083998d ago

Fanboys in general are douchebags.

Serg3998d ago

Apple fanboys take it to a whole new level, check this out:

Speed-Racer3998d ago

Wow, that is a whole new level of sad.

ThirstyforFanta3998d ago

I can't believe this shit is actually real