Will Facebook sue Mark Zuckerberg?

New Rising Media: "After legally changing his name on December 7, Mark Zuckerberg a.k.a Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez has received threats of legal action from Facebook, successfully trolling on possibly the grandest scale.

This Zuckerception came into public attention as Zuckerberg the second launched his website, which starts to tell the story into just how they got to this stage."

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Speed-Racer3999d ago

I am tempted to tell this guy off but I don't want to join his page. What a silly man... blatant arrogance if you ask me. He runs a Liking business and changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg. Knowing how many fools there are, they may easily fall pray to the changed name and think that they could easily get thousands of likes from this guy. I think Facebook should sue him on the grounds that he would end up getting much more attention because of his new found name.

SquishyGorilla3999d ago

I also agree with this. But on the other hand, the fact it's getting him and his start-up this much attention has to be worth something? Bad publicity is publicity nonetheless, as I was always taught.

mikel1233998d ago

That the dumbest thing I've ever heard. "sue him on the grounds that he would end up getting much more attention" That's complete garbage. That's not grounds for anything except whining.

Speed-Racer3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

You missed the point by a mile. If I ran a store promising a service to get your Facebook Page more likes and had the name Mark Zuckerberg, wouldn't that be somewhat deceptive? The first thing people think about when they hear the name is the co-founder of Facebook. Given that not everyone uses common sense when it comes to researching a service, I'm pretty sure many will jump on board because they think they're getting a service from the man himself. While it isn't blatant misrepresentation, it still is deceptive. Also his entire business of selling likes is against Facebook's TOS, so him changing his name to Zuck and continuing the operation in the ultimate troll move in my opinion, and he should be stopped. The guy even has "Black Hat SEO" written all over his cheesy website, so tell me how could I even give this guy a shred of support?

btw, I like how you only decided to hammer me on part of my sentence. That puts things in fair perspective, right?

tarbis3998d ago

He fits your "Given that not everyone uses common sense" part of your sentence.

appsplit3999d ago

people like this ruin everything for the rest of us. This is obviously a marketing stunt and a scam to get folks on his site. Do not go there.

SKUD3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

With FB becoming the biggest troll out there I'm ok with this guys tactic. Pretty soon you'll have to log into FB just to pump gas =/.