Latest Sony Tablet S update brings support for PlayStation 3 Controllers

AppSplit: "Sony has released a latest firmware update for the Tablet S that brings the support for PS3 controller to the tablet. However, there is a catch – it won’t connect to the tablet wirelessly, you’ll have to buy a separate USB adapter for your tablet"

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appsplit4009d ago

this is pretty cool, I wonder if games have to do something special to allow the controller to work or if all games will "just work" with the new controller.

I wonder why we need to the USB cable, in today's wireless world, really Sony?

dilawer4009d ago

The USB cable thing really sucks but I assume Sony will soon fix that thing and it'll be able to connect wirelessly just like the Console.

BeerBro4008d ago

if it has bluetooth, then perhaps yes

appsplit4008d ago

I'm with you! Sony also released a really cool headset for the PS3 but again it was not bluetooth, its wireless but needs a small USB adapter

Speed-Racer4008d ago

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