Facebook Britons drunk in 76% of their photo library

New Rising Media: "A study recently showed that adult British users of Facebook said they were drunk in 76% of their Facebook photo collections on their profile.

1,781 Facebook users were polled, and out of them came some rather interesting, yet really unsurprising facts in most cases. 93% said they'd removed their tags on photos they saw to be "too embarrassing.""

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iamnsuperman4000d ago

Really not surprised. I think nearly all my photos I am drunk in them. Its really the only time someone takes pictures and the only other time to take photos is when you travel but that is getting too expensive for most. I ten not to detag my photos but I do not let them go public just for friends. I was forced to by my part time job but glad they made me. Too many jobs search facebook to get an idea of someone but having thousands of photos while drunk isn't the best measure to judge someone.

ThirstyforFanta4000d ago

So you got fired from that part time job?

iamnsuperman4000d ago

No just told to do it. Part of the military and the press jump on it (has done in the past). More of a precaution

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