Which smartphone has the best camera?

Pocket-Lint: Top of the line smartphone cameras now boast specs that rival compacts. The difference is that you get a phone thrown in for good measure and making the decision which one to buy is a difficult, particularly for those not quite persuaded by the supposed 1080p and 8-megapixel goodness that all the top handsets claim. As such it’s about time to pick the best of the bunch with a cameraphone shootout.

We conducted the test using three separate images that push the sensor in different ways. First was something in bright light to check how well the sensor held onto detail when there was a lot of pure white flying about. It also helps to show what colour, contrast and dynamic range the camera is capable of.

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crxss4004d ago

i don't really get a phone for its camera but it's always a nice feature to have. still rocking the iphone 4 so glad it still placed 2nd against newer phone. but i guess the nokia n8 would beat every phone on the table here.