Nokia Lumia 800 LTE – Being Tested On AT&T, Verizon

This week, I think we got another rumor around one of Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone devices, Lumia 800. I actually have written something related to this before, here in this post. So, apparently, we have heard that earlier this year, Nokia was having a discussion with Verizon for their upcoming LTE supported devices, to be bundled with Verizon. Now recently, we heard a rumor which stated about the next generation Lumia 800 being tested for LTE on both Verizon and AT&T. We can’t confirm yet whether it’s really the next model of Lumia 800 which will be released as their first LTE enabled WP devices, or a brand new model later.

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appsplit4002d ago

Its starting to feel like 2012 is going to be a crucial year for Nokia. I think this is the year were they climb back on top OR crash miserably...

dilawer4000d ago

I think they'll stay in a firm position, neither crash nor top the mobile world because Nokia still has long way to go before they reclaim their title as Top-Mobile manufacturers of the World

mcstorm4001d ago

I think Nokia and WP7 are on the up the L800 has seemed to of sold well in europe and that is no easy task with Android and Iphone being so big but I see 12 being a big year for Nokia and MS it wont be bigger than the other two by the end of next year but I see them getting 5 to 10% of the market.