AT&T starts throttling top 5% of data users to 2G Speeds

AT&T has started throttling what they deem to be the top 5% of mobile data users, slowing them down to 2G EDGE speeds.

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RonyDean3638d ago

I use about 20mb a month, they should give me 8g speeds...

Speed-Racer3638d ago

Haha. This was such a bad time to implement data controls, because Sprint still has their unlimited plan and with AT&T already suffering in terms of Customer Service, it can lead to no nothing but bad for their rep among those still using unlimited.

Corepred43638d ago

I'm still on their 'grandfather' plan or whatever its called. so $20 or $30 a month for unlimited data usage, hehe.

Gondee3638d ago

FUCKKKKK ATT, i pay 30 dollars a month to keep my unlimited plan. I am that top 5% and I'm pissed.

C_Menz3638d ago

Sucks that companies can do this. I have Verizon and have an "unlimited" plan and it is funny that at night when I am using my phone a lot 3g magically goes away and is replaced by 2g. I know that 3g is available but they limit me to 2g when I start using to much data.

Max Power3638d ago

I reached my "unlimited" limit on T-Mobile last month at 5 gbs, they then throttled my data speed for the rest of the month.

TwistedMetal3638d ago

Good no one should have that much power. Unlimited 3G without throttle at only 30 dollars is to much power for one person. With great power comes great responsibility and I bet you guys are all downloading torrents and illegal stuff 24/7. Get and use your home connection.

C_Menz3638d ago

Actually it is not that hard to reach your "unlimited" limit by daily use. I use my phone for web browsing, pandora, and messaging mainly and I hit my monthly limit about 2 weeks into the month. I use my wifi while at home but it still doesn't cover enough.

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