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January 9 Launch Date for AMD Radeon HD 7900

Ladies and Gentlemen with graphics card upgrade plans, circle the date January 09, 2012

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SnakeCQC4512d ago

hmmm i want to get into 3d so i might replace my 6850 with a gt 580 but i like amd cards as they are just as powerful and usually use less power and less heat so im on the fence for now

dexus4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

I do hope these new beasts will beat the s*it out of any competition.
While using XDR2's and new architecture within 7970 and 7950,
There is no other VGA card that will use XDR2's, not that I know about.
Though current nvidia cards are powerful no doubt , but for what price, cost/power consumption/heat

CoD5114512d ago

Far as I've heard, it turns out these new cards won't be using XDR2 as per earlier rumours :(

dexus4512d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Hmmm, well if not XDR2 , then 384bit for sure.
And if not, well... it might be not so powerful.

CoD5114511d ago

Yeah, 384bit bus from what I've heard :)


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