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What would a Bill Gates comeback look like?

A rumor is spreading around tech town that Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates may have just had enough of the floundering of the tech giant he built that he is thinking about relinquishing his full-time stint as a global philanthropist and run Microsoft again with the goal of the company regaining its stature in the tech community.

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appsplit3646d ago

have we learned something from Apple?

dilawer3646d ago

yep, always get back to your company before you die.

KMCROC543646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Depends on what he has planned & who stands in his line of sight. they need him MS has gotten a bit soft.

ThichQuangDuck3646d ago

I hope you we were intending that microsoft has gotten soft pun

Speed-Racer3646d ago

I think their products (Windows Mobile and Windows 7/8) are very good tools, certainly a step above their previous entries. If he can come back and instill measures to get their company back to the top without spoiling innovation, then I say "welcome back."

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