IGN - Steelseries SRW-S1 Steering Wheel Review

IGN - Ignite Technologies built a new steering wheel to coincide with the release of its online racer Simraceway. Ringing in at $119.99, the USB-powered wheel doesn’t mount to a table or racing rig, it’s held up by the power of your own arms.


SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Driving Wheel Review (BmR)

BenchmarkReviews.com: The SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 motion sensitive steering wheel bridges the gap between console style game controllers and high end wheel/pedal setups, and it is available now from the SteelSeries web shop for $119.99 MSRP. Out of the box it is setup to work with Ignite's 'Simraceway' online racing simulator for the PC, but SteelSeries state that it will work with just about any racing game designed for the PC. Here at Benchmark Reviews we take marketing claims at face value and we always leave our judgement to real world testing, but if looks are anything to go by then we are in for one hell of a treat.

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