…And China Rips-Off the PS Vita

Kotaku - Sony is making the PlayStation Vita at a Chinese factory. And, surprise, another Chinese company is releasing a new device that looks an awful lot like the Vita. Anyone remember the iPed?

Called the Yinlips YDPG18, the Android-powered portable has a gravity sensor, front and back cameras, a large LCD screen, 1080p support, and a front touch-screen.

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Speed-Racer4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Lmao, they're getting good at this. I think this copycat crap is a stab in the face though. It's time developers work to implement the laws they have in place. (Edited)

kulex474003d ago

It's not about getting better copyright laws, the problems stem from CHINA not respecting the copyright laws and saying "eh..." when anyone complains about it.

Speed-Racer4003d ago

True. I guess their economy is so tightly wound around the rest of the world in terms of providing cheap labour and products that people don't really dig into it too much. It has effectively led to them becoming their own superpower and now being able to call some of the shots. Not saying that they have the right to break copyright laws, but I guess the relationships between countries are clearly not based on ethics but more about profiteering on each other's behalf. Apple for instance could moan about their products being ripped off but Foxconn for instance is a Chinese based company that pretty much chugs out iPhones dirt cheap, and I am sure Apple turns a blind eye to a lot of stuff.

I remember that incident with the blogger in China pointing out the fake Apple stores. Darn well sure Apple already knew about those but maybe came down on them just to satisfy European and Western markets.

hkgamer4003d ago

i love all these cheap knock offs. wasnt China the first to come out with an android tablet? I actually wanted to buy the fake iPad because it had a modified mobile android OS. It was way befre samsung released galaxy tab.

I don't actually see why anyone would actually want to buy this product though.

mindedone4002d ago

I'm confused, is this a state sponsored and state developed product?