Tweets cause US death row conviction to be overturned

BBC: "A juror's tweets have caused the murder conviction of a death row inmate to be overturned by a court in the US.

Arkansas Supreme Court judges said it was inappropriate for a juror to have posted his musings online.

They have asked a panel to consider whether jurors' access to mobile phones should be limited during trials.

The review coincides with a warning from England and Wales's Lord Chief Justice that the internet threatens the integrity of trials."

fatstarr4517d ago

thats crazy so many loop holes in the laws

Chnswdchldrn4517d ago

idiot juror ought to know better

way to go idiot

Captain Qwark 94517d ago

agree but disagree. those tweets had nothing to do with the case what so ever, people post/tweet quotes from songs all the time and saying "court day 5" or "the coffee here sucks" once again says absolutely nothing about the case.....perhaps its best to stay off social media outlets during a case, ill agree to that, but overturning a murder case over coffee just shows how bad our court system is and how easy it is to get away with shit

360ICE4517d ago

The law is clear dawg. Staying away from Twitter is so easy you'd think taking no risks would be an easy option. In extreme cases like this one y'all just have to live by them principles and suck it up.

Lord_Sloth4517d ago

Stupid loopholes! We should just go back to the old ways and shoot murderers on sight! Maybe give 'em a quick trial followed by a hanging!

blackhammer4517d ago (Edited 4517d ago )

If the evidence is super strong, rape them. Rape them with the biggest objects you one find.

RBLAZE19884517d ago

once again proving our society is just getting dumber and dumber despite how advanced we'd like to think we are. Everyone knows that you can't talk about what goes on in a trial if you are a juror

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