Check out how Facebook, Google+ and YouTube would have looked & worked in 1997

TheNextWeb-"Once Upon is a brilliant project that has recreated three popular sites from today as if they were built in the dial-up era, in 1997.

Witness Facebook, with no real-names policy and photos displayed in an ugly grey table; YouTube, with a choice of encoding options to select before you watch a video, and Google+, where Circles of contacts are displayed as far easier to render squares. Be prepared for a wait though – the recreations are limited to 8kbps transfer speeds, as if you were loading it on a particularly slow dial-up connection."

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fatstarr4006d ago

I have been waiting for something like this to come for a while now. the internet in the 90s was an ugly thing I knew i wasnt buggin back then.

altairahmad4006d ago

Did you try it now ? Its amazingly reproduced.