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30 Questions and Commands for Siri

PC MAG - The best way to understand what Apple's Siri on the iPhone 4S can and can't do is to see examples of its successes and failures.


iOS 9 Release May Bring Redesign for Siri

TechFrag - Apple is expected to announce the release date of iOS 9 next month at WWDC 2015. Until then, different sources are piling up speculations and rumors that they believe are more than likely to end up as true.

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Siri Will Be Banned in China? It’s too Early to Say That yet!

Apple lost the first stage of a patent case in China over Siri, a virtual personal assistant on iPhone, when Beijing's First Intermediate Court ruled that the patent held by the Chinese firm that launched the suit was valid.

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This Is What iOS 7 Looks Like in Motion

Gizmodo: iOS 7 is here. It's beautiful. You can cehck out all the details in the main post here, but here is a video to see how it looks in action. You really want to see this.

In2iti0n3919d ago

Static screenshots don't do this OS justice.

I'm seriously, seriously impressed. Apple exceeded every expectation here.

Nucky3919d ago

Too bad the iOS 7 is just a blatant copy of all other mobile OSes.

In2iti0n3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

I agree that there are features in iOS 7 seen in the Android, but the thing is, they took some of them, and made them much better and easier to use.
And definitely more beautiful.

willchao3919d ago

copy from 1? plagiarism

copy from multiple? that's called research, and Apple did their research well enough to impress the users, that's what matters

willchao3919d ago

and if you're gonna be so blunt, might as well bring to the table that android copied everything from iOS, from app tiles to play store to even the slide to unlock

steven83r3919d ago

And if you want to say android copied Apple with all you mentioned you have to acknowledge apple copied all their stuff from other companies.

In2iti0n3918d ago

And so we arrive at the final conclusion:
Nothing under the sun is new.

It's just that Apple takes things from other companies, and makes them cool.

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fatstarr3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

"while Ios7 is completely new"

> loads some minimalist launcher and reskin.

> run MIUI on your android


> just use stock 4.0


> just use windows.

you can experience all of these right now. nothing new. just updating a stale os from 2007 using innovations from everyone else in the industry and the many ROM/modding community just makes you a thief.

mikegeezy693919d ago

Wow!!!!! The new android OS looks amazing! Is this one called like cake batter or something!?
Its so cool how android OS looks even better with a GTA vice city like theme. Wowzers! :D

gdguide3919d ago

I think what is fresh in people's minds are the lawsuiats Apple was throwing at Google and Samsung for copying things as simple as rounded icons and that sort of thing. Now Apple is looking like a total dolt and doing the same thing that they were so butt hurt about. There are SO many things that they even feature in this video that have been around for a while now. Both in function and in the way it is presented. Do they do a good job? Yes. Have they actually created something new? Not even close. Apple is losing their advantage more and more each year as an innovator. My guess is they will lose even more market share after this release.

KingPin3919d ago

the reason android has more and more features/styles/themes is mostly coz of the custom rom community i think. half of those features have been roaming the custom rom scene for ages now. but you know apple, Advertise it like they innovated it into being.

apple are a bunch of whiners. plain and simple.

SirBradders3918d ago

@ gdguide everyone i ask about why they have an iphone comes down to simplicity now they go and add in what the competition got it complicates things that tad bit more so all their left with is a high priced device with aesthetics.

I used to be with apple but being early 20's and good with tech im bored with them and now jumped to samsung but when im bored of these guys and someone others me more ill makw that jump again.

I can also see the industry get together and take apple head on now just for there douchnes.

mcstorm3918d ago

I am no apple fan but I do think the new OS looks nice out side of the home screen. For me it looks more like Windows Phone than Android as everything is flat. This is not enough for me to switch from Windows phone as the OS still offers me more. Even though Apple have taken a lot of things from other OS systems I can see a lot of people getting an Iphone this time round again as they will show it off as if its never been done before and that they thought of the ideas 1st.