Spam sinks to lowest level in almost three years, says Symantec

Cnet: Think you're seeing less junk mail in your inbox these days? If so, it's not just your imagination.

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Symantec Reports shows that 2016 had a Huge Rise in Cybercrime

The ambitions of Cybercriminals reached new heights in 2016 according to a report released by Symantec on Wednesday. Symantec has highlighted the unprecedented rise in not just the number of incidents of cybercrime but in the scale of the crimes themselves.

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Symantec's Norton Core router aims to protect the connected home

Symantec's mostly known as the makers of Norton AntiVirus, which is probably one of the most popular antivirus software in the world despite the, uh, occasional slip-up. Now, the company is venturing into hardware, with the release of the Norton Core. It's a mobile-enabled WiFi router that touts machine learning and Symantec's threat intelligence smarts to defend your home network from getting those digital nasties in the first place.

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Android Nougat won’t let malware reset device password: Symantec

Android Nougat will ensure that ransomware or malware is unable to reset the device password, says Symantec

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