Pocket-Lint: Motorola Xoom 2 review

Pocket-Lint: It's interesting timing that, having been the first out of the blocks with the original Honeycomb tablet, and having been the Google approved launch tablet, the original Motorola Xoom is now nearly a year old.

The hardware has aged, the software has updated and Android tablets have evolved, slightly. It is in that little band of "slightly" that the Xoom 2 lies. Are there enough changes to make the Xoom 2 more appealing than the original? Certainly. But is there enough of a change to make this tablet more appealing than it's rivals from the likes of Asus or Samsung?

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Verizon Device Update Schedule Leaks in Full – Rezound, RAZR, and XOOM Details Emerge

Droid Life - If you were looking for information about the next OTA update for a phone on Verizon, a reddit user by the name of DroidTosser has you covered. His latest post that went up within the last hour, gives us details for updates on just about every VZW device currently available. We’ll start first with the screenshot you are seeing above which talks Ice Cream Sandwich, but won’t stop there as the info is plentiful.

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Second generation 3G Motorola XOOM 2s arrive at Carphone Warehouse

Pocket-Lint: The HTC One X and One S are not the only pair debuting today, as the 3G + Wi-Fi versions of the Motorola XOOM 2 and Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition go on sale.

Available from Carphone Warehouse, the main difference between the two models is the size of the screen with the XOOM 2 sporting a 10.1-inch HD widescreen display and the Media Edition a smaller 8.2-inch.

Both tablets are considerably lighter than the original Motorola XOOM and run on Android 3.2 Honeycomb.

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Captain Tuttle4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

Honeycomb? My Xoom 1 runs ICS, why doesn't Xoom 2 run it?

Edit: Oh, this is the UK. Is ICS even out over there?


Motorola Xyboard a.k.a Xoom 2: Possible Price and Release Date For Verizon

Techgadgetsreview: Motorola and Verizon are prepping to release the next-gen Xoom tablets called Xyboard. The Xoom 2 edition will be released in 8 and 10 inch variants. See specs and other details.

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