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Pocket-Lint: Canon C300 pictures and hands-on

Pocket-Lint: Although it gets some stick, there are few people who could argue that RED changed cinematography more radically than almost any technological advance since colour film was invented. 35mm cameras used in movies are expensive, the stock is expensive and the development, grading and editing is all expensive. A RED camera gives you a CF card with video you can edit on your MacBook Pro, or PC. It's also radically cheaper than any film-based camera.

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Engadget - Canon C300 cinema camera hands-on

Engadget - Man, is this thing ugly. But when it comes to cinema cameras, looks are the last thing on a cinematographer's mind -- performance is where it counts, and with the Canon C300, its compact size is an asset as well. We haven't had a chance to shoot with Canon's new flagship cinema cam, but we've heard from plenty of folks who have, including director Vincent Laforet.

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