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Hollywood Hopes UltraViolet Smurfs Can Kill DVDs

Gadgehit writes: "Yes you read that title correctly, but it does need some explanation. Hollywood is hoping that Sony Picture’s latest Blu-Ray movie releases with digital download copies, which includes The Smurfs, will help the format finally kill off the aging DVD. UltraViolet is universal online “locker” where you can activate a digital copy of your Blu-Ray film. The film can then either be streamed or downloaded to your PC from that account."

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YouTube Calls Out OpenAI for Alleged Sora Training Terms Breach

According to Bloomberg, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has expressed concern regarding the potential misuse of platform content by OpenAI’s Sora, an AI-driven video creation tool.

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Class B tabletop Autoclave

A Class B tabletop autoclave is a sophisticated and compact sterilization device used in medical, laboratory, and dental settings to effectively sterilize equipment, instruments, and materials. It operates on the principle of high-pressure steam, eliminating microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and spores from items placed inside, ensuring a sterile environment for medical procedures, research, or other applications.


WhatsApp Unleashes Full-Quality Photo and Video Sharing

WhatsApp introduces a breakthrough feature enabling iPhone users to share photos and videos in their original quality on the messaging platform.

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