Sony Ericsson Nozomi a.k.a Xperia Arc HD leaked again

AppSplit: "Here’s another leaked picture of the Sony Ericsson’s upcoming Nozomi (LT26i) a.k.a XPERIA Arc HD. Much better picture this time compared to the one we had posted earlier. This image shows the Nozomi running the Android 2.3.5 with a custom Sony UI much different than the UI on current Xperia Line-up. [Timescape has received a lift-up, I guess]"

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Sony Ericsson Nozomi leaked image running Ice Cream Sandwich

AppSplit: "Alright, we have a fairly small leaked picture of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Nozomi (LT26i) smartphone and it is watermarked by a chinese website [sebbs.it168.com]."

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xtremexx4462d ago

thought they bought out ericsson

dilawer4462d ago

yes they did. But they've kept the name as well.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Nozomi LT26i First Live Pics

Justamp: Sony Ericsson fans could be set to see the Arc range get its biggest spec bump yet with the Arc HD. The phone, which features Galaxy Nexus levels of power, has made an appearance online.

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