US Internet metered billing may be coming; Steam and Netflix to get hit hard?

At least one major US Internet provider may charge users based on their monthly data usage, according to an analyst.

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Speed-Racer4012d ago

These companies are only hampering innovation. Rather than moving away from old cable technology, they want to prevent the future of content distribution for their own gain. Rather than creating their own service, or something better, they prefer to remain greedy and backward. Hopefully their customers ditch them if this ever comes to be.

kingPoS4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Imagine 5 years from now the US is still known for its low adverage download speed. Yep thats right, if they have their way it'll be that way.
"Sigh"...I really hope google's kansas project shakes things up for those who want to cap the internet.

Software_Lover4012d ago

Just sad. Greed is the only thing that matters in American business and politics. A world leader almost ranks dead last when it comes to internet speeds and prices when compared to the rest of the industrialized countries.

When are our elected representatives, on both sides of the aisle, gonna stand up for us? Why is everything they do for big corporations that move work out of America? When are lobbyist (bribers) going to be banned from Washington, and anyone caught lobbying (bribing) or talking to a lobbyist get jail time?

adorie4012d ago

soon, on all your questions, is my favorite answer, next to NOW PLEASE.

Shackdaddy8364012d ago

I can't see this ever lasting. Any company who implements this will instantly see people switching to a different company. No one wants to pay per data usage...

bredstick654011d ago

Some people do not have a choice. Where I live COX is the only provider available. I would be forced to pay what ever they decide or pay more for mobile broadband.

DarkBlood4012d ago

im not sure if theres something like this in canada but if this kind of thing happens to the company im using they can just forget about it

i'll have to go to the hour a day internet at the library and try to fast read every information i can get, no online gaming or vice versa for me for a looooooong while

Crazay4012d ago (Edited 4012d ago )

Ya man, this is slowly about to be come an issue up here in Canada as well. Bell Canada tried to bring insanely stiff usage caps that would have driven many people's internet usage up to near $100 per month. My heart doesn't exactly bleed for them since I pay that for an 80GB up and 80GB down data cap on my wireless plan because I live in a rural area.

Luckily the CRTC and government called donkey shit on the whole situation but don;t worry - those money ass sniffers have something coming down the pipe that I think I read about here where they'll charge for the content type. Meaning they would have different pricing structures for the type of content you look at - For example: $15per month for 10 hours of video streaming, or $5 for unlimited Facebook usage.

One particular "Promo" that comes to mind is how Rogers promotes "Unlimited BBM with ALL BlackBerry Plans" as if they're doing their customers a favor when we all know it's provided by RIM.

Total garbage I know but I sincerely think this is coming in the next 5 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.