PlayStation Vita won’t allow Browsing while Gaming

Sony’s Next Generation Portable a.k.a PlayStation Vita will be the most powerful Handheld gaming device. But still with all the power and multitasking capability, it will be unable to open the Internet browser during gaming.

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Speed-Racer4473d ago

That sucks. I like to browse facebook sometimes when I'm playing games ... yes I multitask that much :P

*waits for silly troll comments* :P

Noctis Aftermath4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Without this feature my desire to get a vita would take a huge hit, it's something i love about my PC and hate about my PS3.

Army_of_Darkness4473d ago

just because we multi-task and play casual games to pass time on our cell phones, while waiting for a FB/ or text message, doesn't mean most would do the same on an actual portable gaming device... why? cause the vita games ain't for killing time, its for fun and entertainment.

kaveti66164473d ago

@army of darkness

I would argue that most portable games are about killing time. As great as they can be, don't people usually play them when they're out of the house, waiting for class or for the bus or for whatever?

deadpoole4472d ago

for the love of god ... you r buyin PSVITA ... not facebookvita ... u got phones for all this facebook nonsense and stuff.

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JJOR644473d ago

The Nintendo 3DS can do this...

NellyNel_7_1_34473d ago

So true but I rarely do this on my 3ds...

Titanz4472d ago

Apparently, some people don't think it's a great feature (which it is).

TheGameFoxJTV4473d ago

Really, who wants to browse while playing a game on a portable?

Infernostew4473d ago

Use a smart phone for that.

gustave1544473d ago

Whats the use of 3G smartphones

Amplitude4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

"Use a smart phone for that".
This is equally as stupid as people who say "Just listen to music on your computer while you play games".

Oh, or the best one:
"Why dont you just phone them while you play PS3 if you wanna talk to them so bad?"

I don't mind that the Vita cant open the browser in-game, since the games are so obviously power-hungry on a portable system. ...but dont pretend like it wouldn't be nice if it could, or say that using another device is just as convenient.

The PS3 arguments about voice chat and music in game are the worst though, especially considering the PS3 is trying to be an all-in-one "everything" device.

arjman4473d ago

The PS3 can't do this so does it come as much of a surprise?

CynicalVision4473d ago

The PS3 has a real issue with RAM, the vita doesn't. If the Vita can do cross-game party chat and custom music then I'm sure it could do in-game browsing.

Personally I think the feature will be added in the future, but it's just not that important.

NellyNel_7_1_34473d ago

sony can fix this issue with a FW update if possible...

CloseSecond4473d ago

who the f**k wants to use the ps3 browser even when they're not playing a game. Its simply the second worst browser in use today. First place honors fall to the browser on the PSP.

The browser on the Vita will benefit from touch screen controls but my prediction is that it will still be functionally lacking overall.

DivineHand1254473d ago

well that sucks. Imaging playing a game like Skyrim on the go and you can't consult a strategy guide for tips. Sony really needs to allocate some resources to the browser app or provide an upgraded version of the vita before its ready to launch in the US.

TheMrMadzen4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Fix: By a strategy guide.
(and you probably also have a PC nearby for these situations)

NellyNel_7_1_34473d ago

Fix: Buy a strategy guide.
(and you probably also have a PC nearby for these situations)

Strategy guides are a waste of money and beside we all have some form of a source(s) where we can get help if we are stuck on a level on game... i just bought me a laptop and my phone have internet on it so, i am good if i need the help, but i will end up figuring it out without the strategy guide any way...

i say the best strategy guide website to use for any games is youtube... I know there some people out who rather see how things are done rather then read it, and get confuse and give up, "cough gamefaqs.com "cough...

gustave1544473d ago

Yo nelly i use gamefaqs mainly to avoid spoilers...

GamerSciz4473d ago

Save the game, exit. Use fast internet to search. Read. Then go back into game.


Blaine4473d ago

Yup. And if it's like the PSP, you can pause your game whenever and it'll save it to the XMB. Find your info in the browser, then resume the game exactly where you left off.

In fact, when you look at it this way, you CAN browse while gaming. You just have to pause the game and return to it after. (Assuming you can in fact pause the game like you can on the PSP, but I doubt they'd remove that function.)

DivineHand1254473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

you are willing to accept the drawbacks before the product reaches the market, amazing. Also if you are in a situation where the guide you are reading is too much to take in at once. You could find yourself saving and exiting the game far too many times just to get pass one section or unlock something. If these are not identified as problems from early, then these problems might not be fixed until a year or more after launch when the masses starts to complain about it.

Blaine4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

Wow, I'm constantly amazed how low people will go just to nitpick a system.

For one, HOW OFTEN do you look at guides while playing? If it's as often as you make it sound, you need to either:

- Get a better brain.


- Find a new hobby.

Alternatively, you could look up the guide on your smartphone while you play. But seriously, play the game for yourself instead of relying on guides so damn much. Where's the fun in doing exactly what someone else wrote you should do? Find your own way. You'll find this is both more suspenseful and more rewarding.

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