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Mark Zuckerberg's reply to "Is Google+ a threat?"

Mark Zuckerberg recently appeared on a BBC documentary called about himself called “Mark Zuckerberg Inside Facebook”, which covered his Facebook story from Harvard all the way to today. As part of the show, he was asked the big question: “Is Google+ a threat?”

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Speed-Racer4009d ago

Smart guy taking his competition into consideration. Always a step ahead of the game.

SalvatoreLeone4009d ago

The only reason Facebook > Google+ is the already existing fanbase. BLAH.

Mr_cheese4009d ago

is that not like everything that is already out though? redundant comment. You could say the same about myspace, and look what happened there.

TLG19914009d ago

to be fair i have never signed up to facebook but i have seen it like anyone and know exactly what it is about, on the other hand i am on google+ only because i have a gmail and i would be rather worried. they have got the twitter aspect of things perfect for the celebrities to sign up and that will draw the people in and thats all it takes, then it will start to spread when people realise twitter and facebook style networking can be done on there everyday search engine!

but what do i know its just my opinion, but i have alot of respect for mark zuckerberg, very clever guy i dont need to say that though!

Shackdaddy8364009d ago

No. Google+ isn't. Google skrewed up their opportunity when they decided to release their product slowly to the public instead of straight away.

Captain Qwark 94009d ago

nope, they f*cked up with the name.....its much more important than people realize. think about it.....hey man google-plus me......or hey man, facebook me....g+ just sounds lame