Ergonomics and Gaming: The Keyboard and Mouse

Nic from explores the potential ergonomic risks associated with gaming. This week he evaluates the keyboard and mouse.

I bet if I were to ask your typical gamer what are some health risks that are associated with gaming they would just look at me as if I had 3 heads. Getting hurt playing video games is typically reserved for the virtual world, and that pain and suffering isn’t supposed to transfer to the real world

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smartmart4016d ago

As an ergonomist with thousands of computer workstations behind me I can tell you that if you follow what is pictured in this article your MSD's will just 1-up on you...

And please stop buying "Ergocrap" made out of gel. Instead, invest a few $$$ for an actual analysis of your workstations (playstation, in that case). You won't end up buying expensive "ergothings" and never feel pain again.

Speed-Racer4015d ago

What do you expect from authors who actually know nothing about physical well being lol.

smartmart4015d ago

probably well intentionned though, but these guys can make a lot of damage in a workplace. While the solutions to bad ergonomics are dead simple, the process to identify the right one can be very complex and you need to be extra careful not to cause more harm. Just because you care does not mean you can...

Speed-Racer4015d ago

That's it right there. The intentions may be good but it also requires proper research into the matter, not just copy/pasting random images into a new post. The info there sounds very generic if you ask me.