Pocket-Lint: First Look - PlayStation Vita Preview

Pocket-Lint: There’s no denying that all eyes are on the Sony PlayStation Vita at present. Most look on with eager anticipation, but some are more cynical.

While it managed to shift over 70 million units worldwide, there’s a common, if not entirely founded belief that its forebear, the PSP, was a flop. Its proprietary game discs, UMDs, were as welcome as WMDs, and as soon as the smartphone became more widespread, offering cheaper and plentiful gaming alternatives, many labelled it an expensive also-ran.

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PCRockStar4012d ago

BS review. Why review 'demo models' that they used at convention? BS!

Speed-Racer4012d ago

It's called a preview/first look. It's an industry journalism standard so we could get an idea about it. A full follow up review will follow up when the publishers get their own units to properly document.

bwazy4012d ago

Then why doesn't the fricking title say "Review" and not "Preview".

False advertising and blah blah blah.

Speed-Racer4012d ago

Lmao fair enough. I modded it. I actually saw hands on and then the word 'preview' under the image, so I was like wth? xD

contra1574012d ago

I just got really pumped!

gustave1544012d ago

Already preordered mine. Though i think we should wait for "official" reviews when the system releases in japan December 17.

CynicalVision4012d ago

Incredible preview, I was excited for the Vita before but now I'm getting really impatient, I want it now!

bwazy4012d ago

Anyways yeah. I'm a bit skeptical about laying down $500-ish dollars on this handheld...