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Quantum computing comes closer as diamonds get spooky

International boffins are chuffed today to publish cunning research in which they demonstrate quantum entanglement - the "spooky action at a distance" so disliked by Einstein - between a pair of small synthetic diamonds: and, this is the clever bit, at room temperature rather than in a cryogenic chamber or similar, so bringing the long hoped-for quantum computer hardware that bit nearer.

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GrumpyVeteran4010d ago

In laymen terms, what could the average joe experience if he had some sort of Quantum Computer?

Speed-Racer4009d ago

The full answer to 22/7 in 3 seconds.

quantumriian4010d ago

Massive computing power. While ALL computers up until now operate on just 2 states of an atom (known as 1 and 0), a quantum computer could theoretically operate on all states of an atom, of which there are actually over 30. Just the movement from a binary to a trinary system holds exponential increases in power.