Condom ad disguised as Facebook friend request from your future child

NRM: "So one random friend request later, I can warn you about an Olla Condom promo campaign that sends users friend requests from their yet-to-be-born sons. Not only is it just downright creepy; but it's also a violation of Facebook policy.

Take a look at the promo video below, which does a much better job explaining the "Unexpected Babies" campaign launched by Brazillian Agency Age Isobar."

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SephirothX214016d ago

Well its better to be warned in advance. We don't want to be having bastards now do we?

dilawer4016d ago

Well, atleast we get to see how our grandkids would look like! :D

Speed-Racer4016d ago

So what is to say that people will accept these friend requests in the first place?

SquishyGorilla4016d ago

You don't have to accept, as the condom ad is already there on the actual friend request when you open it from your status bar, and nobody probably will. The only enticement to click through except for it being your name with "Jr." on the end. But if done so, the profile has a more detailed ad for the protection.

Speed-Racer4015d ago

Unlikely for me. I'd just think it's a friend trying to prank me.

Deadpool6164015d ago

Something about this reminds me of Trunks and Vegeta from Dragonball Z.