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Pocket Gamer: Motorola Defy+ review

The original Defy wasn't designed to be dropped off a roof by a builder, but it was designed to cope with knocks, puddles, and baths. The strong Gorilla Glass also worked to keep the phone display looking as good as new.

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Motorola Defy+ leaves the gym, coming this fall with slightly more muscle

Engadget - You'd be hard-pressed to find many phones that look relatively stylish, are thin and light enough to carry comfortably in your pocket, and can hang out underwater for ten minutes. That's why, we suppose, the Motorola Defy became popular worldwide; it's difficult to build a device to be a tank without looking like one, and it's even more tough to do it right. Naturally, when you've got a good thing going, it's ideal to improve upon that model.

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Motorola Defy - Field Test

RandomProdInc: Following a previous written review on the Defy handset, the team decided to take the handset out on a little field test.

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Speed-Racer4802d ago

Gotta admit that was a funny test video and I am amazed at how the phone stood up to the damage. I wouldnt dare to that with my nexus one


Motorola Defy Review | RandomProdInc

We review Motorola's "Life Proof" phone.

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