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New YouTube layout is now official

The new YouTube is finally here. After a long time of test trials and sneak previews, now everyone can try it out.

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GrumpyVeteran4019d ago

It's a terrible design if you have a widescreen monitor, everything gets squished in the middle with a ton of unused real estate on the sides. The entire site is now vertical rather than horizontal so there's a TON of scrolling. They need to bring back the horizontal grid style back, because it's ridiculous as-is. Multiple videos per line etc needs to be back.

colonel1794018d ago

i don't understand why websites still are not widescreen compatible. There are very few of them, but come on, now everybody has widescreen monitor, so why can't websites catch up?

Speed-Racer4018d ago

Tablets use lower resolution displays. Also sites are geared towards mobile phones (without having a separate theme). I was told the best method is to design your site for an 800x600 res, but I usually design sites to look good on 1024x768 (which is suitable enough for higher resolutions as well).

The most popular resolutions are still 1920x1080, 1280x800, 1280x1024 and 1366x768 (in random order), so sites like TechSpy, YouTube and others are of a suitable size.

badkolo4018d ago

the ability to close videos on homepage is also gone, if they made it slightly wider but keep the same look, add the x button back and then add multiple videos lines but smaller ones under neath them main video would be perfect

derp654018d ago

go to (
Similar layout to the old youtube

krazykombatant4018d ago

I for one like it. I like how it feels nice and organized to see my subscriptions. But how about they add things so I can see all the top comments, I know its there for some videos and then for others its gone.

kingPoS4018d ago

hearing about this makes me miss my old 16x10 monitor.
it was perfect for web browsing and manga