Chrome passes Firefox for desktop 2nd spot; Safari jumps up in the mobile department

StatCounter has released its November 2011 web browser market share report, showing that Chrome has inched its way past Firefox.

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SalvatoreLeone4016d ago

Not surprising to me. I use Chrome and will continue to do so until they pull a microsoft and start sucking.

TheEatingVodka4015d ago

IE9 doesn't really suck man.. They addressed all the issues that were in the previous iterations and it's much faster now.
If IE10 has decent extension support I think I'll switch to it

Speed-Racer4016d ago

I still suffer with Firefox. Damn the loyalty.

Brawler4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I switch between them usually use firefox for stumble upon cant deal with chromes version hate the toolbar not seamless life firefox

RememberThe3574014d ago

I couldn't figure out how to import my bookmarks into Chrome so I gave up on it. The instructions told me to click on things that weren't even there and I wasn't going to spends my night trying to figure it out.

GrumpyVeteran4015d ago

Whilst Chrome has decent extension support, I much prefer Firefox's addons.

Speed-Racer4015d ago

I think this is the reason why Firefox still holds me put.

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The story is too old to be commented.