The History Of The Modem [Infographic]

Thanks to the advances in modems and Internet speeds, it is now possible to stream music and video and view interactive webpages without interruption. We’re entering an era where anything before broadband and 3G is becoming an obselete dinosaur and now 4G and T1 are starting to mark their territory.

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Twitter Blue problems? How to sign up for verification despite error messages

Signing up for the new Twitter Blue has caused problems for some folks. The Shortcut details the roadblocks you may hit trying to sign up and how to get around them.

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EvilCackle497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Good thing I signed up at launch so people know I'm the real evilcackle

CurrentDigital497d ago

Huge loss for those who don't know where else to spend their surplus $8 a month

SwiderMan496d ago

Still haven't been approved for Twitter Blue :/

gatewayinternational493d ago

study abroad is the chance to find yourself while acquiring a comprehension of an alternate culture. Being in another spot without help from anyone else can overpower on occasion.

288d ago
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Thousands of top websites collect your data in real-time as you type

Websites are harvesting our data even before we

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The days of remaining anonymous on the internet are coming to an end

Regulations are beginning to require users to verify their identification online.

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