Kinect 2 will be capable of reading your lips

It was just last year that Microsoft launched the motion sensing device for gaming called Kinect, a device that has changed not only the way we perceive motion sensing gaming but also other activities related to computing with little a bit of hacking

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KingPin4020d ago

brag about it when it can read a muppets lips lol

caseh4020d ago

It already can, look at the type of people who were early to adopt the kinect. :D

RocknRola4020d ago

i cannot clearly understand if there is a voice recognition feature why it have to read your lips

Speed-Racer4019d ago

We could always be stuck in the about that?

MAYBE...because it can help improve the accuracy of the detected speech.

contra1574019d ago

I wonder if the new kinect will have that spy patent microsoft just patented

Serg4019d ago

Yeah right...

Another empty promise millions will fall for and blow things way out of proportion.

If Kinect would deliver now what was promised a few years ago when it was still called Natal, I could give it the finger, but as things are now there's no point, it wouldn't see it :(.

flyinrhyno4019d ago

is it me or is that too much control for microsoft in your house, read lips call cops detect freethink oh my big brother is watching