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50° vs Overstock Cyber Monday 2011: Online Sales Comparison For Gadgets and HDTV

Pinoytutorial: Here's an interesting comparison of deals between Overstock and showcasing each shop's discounted items for gadgets, HD televisions and other electronic products.

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5 insanely affordable HDTVs with built-in Roku all under $500

In the market for a new HDTV? Don’t get suckered into a smart TV, get one with Roku pre-installed.

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Antennas are Sexy and don't let anyone else Convince you Otherwise.

The Man Cave Cinema writes: We here at The Man Cave Cinema believe that using an antenna to watch HDTV is Sexy.

Now you're asking yourself why is it sexy? What makes it sexy?

First off, paying for TV and watching a fraction of the channels that you pay for is definitely not sexy, it's down right ugly. Second, with the new designs of modern antennas, they are a work of art with beautiful lines and fabulous curves.

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WizzroSupreme3011d ago

They're amusingly old school, that's for sure. Paying $80 for cable and not watching 80% of definitely isn't sexy, agreed.


Philips AmbiLux UHD TV Aims To Provide The Ultimate Immersive Viewing Experience

With the launch of the new AmbiLux UHD TV; tech giant, Philips sets out to take the immersive viewing experience to astounding new heights!

Philips announced their new AmbiLux UHD TV today at IFA 2015. A pinnacle in living room technology; Philips’ new 65 inch TV features a 4K Ultra HD display and Ambilight projection technology to bring your living room to life.

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