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Google Chrome preparing to play high-end games

Google Chrome with over 200 million users is expected to be the zenith browser by replacing Mozilla Firefox as the second most popular browser on the planet before this year ends.

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RocknRola3533d ago

google chrome is the ultimate browser for average users and hope it gives the same performance inspite of the new features.

ThePundit3533d ago

Yea it's better than IE and Opera, but there are times when firefox is a good option - especially a plugin filled FF browser

RocknRola3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

true but as far as simplicity goes chrome is the king

kcuthbertson3533d ago

Oh Chrome and Google, How I love thee.

bub163532d ago

This is the last thing Chrome needs!!! I love Chrome because it uses such little CPU compared to other browsers, When i have multiple tabs open with videos, youtube music and facebook. things start so slow down, i cant see how any of this will help me :(

Speed-Racer3532d ago

That's not totally true. Chrome just splits its sessions into multiple instances, rather than having one huge executable running. If you add up the temporary cache being used by all the processes, it is somewhat comparable to heavier browsers, but I'm just arguing on a technical basis here lol. At least you can still exit one tab if it crashes, unlike Firefox.