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Ritchiesroom: Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime – First Look

The Transformer Prime is easily the most hyped of all upcoming tablets. The original Transformer took the idea of the keyboard dock and integrated it so well that it became much more than simply functional; it melded design and hardware with the Honeycomb platform in an attractive and useful body.

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The Best Android Tablets Ever Made

Hardcore Droid - The selection of available Android tablets has grown impressively in a very short time. In the face of such variety, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. In keeping with our tireless dedication to organizing everything worth knowing into lists of 8-12 items, Hardcore Droid is happy to bring you this list of some of the most noteworthy Android tablet devices of the past and present.

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HardcoreDroid4012d ago

Apologies. I honestly missed that. Accurate speed reader that I am.

It's fixed. Do let me know if there are any other problems.

HardcoreDroid4012d ago

Sorry, sorry. Over-confident--my first Tech Spy post and Ive been posting excerpts in a few places such as N4G for a while now and I sort of rushed in expecting the guidelines to be the same. But I think I have it now and thank you again for helping me get it back on track.


ASUS Offering GPS Dongle to Transformer Prime Owners

Examiner: Though ASUS' Transfomer Prime, the popular Android-based tablet, has received mostly positive reviews since its release last December, the tablet's GPS functionality has been less than stellar.

Of course, ASUS never touted the Prime as a GPS device, but as a thank you to those who have picked one up, the company is offering a free GPS dongle, that will connect to the Transformer Prime and increase the signal reception.

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What's better, the new iPad or the Asus EeePad Transformer Prime?

Pocket-Lint: The new iPad needed to make a statement. It needed something big in order for Apple to show it was still top trump in the hardware department compared to the competition. This it's done, but only just.

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BeastOrange4394d ago

Just seems the Transformer Prime still beats out the Ipad unless your into Facebook

bharatibn4393d ago

New iPad is the best tablet out there - no doubts about that... The iPad's all new processor, the super clear Retina Display and the Apple App Store send everything else down the hill.

Kurylo3d4393d ago

how do u figure? The new ipad is using the smae processor from the ipad2. It is using a dual core processor while the asus transformer prime is using the tegra 3 which is a quad core processor. For gaming the android transformer prime is way more powerful.

givemeshelter4391d ago

They are both toys at this point.
Ask yourself one question:

"What can a Tablet from Apple or Android offer to you that your Smartphone cannot with the exception of a larger viewing screen?"

It's a trick question...the answer is none.
Outside of the larger screen on a tablet, they offer NOTHING different than your Smartphone.