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How to choose an e-reader

E-readers will be a popular gift item this holiday season. The book-lover in your life has probably already asked for one. But which is the best to buy?


Amazon Kindle 2019 Review - The Best Just Got Better | CGMagazine

While lacking some of the features seen on the Paper White, the new 2019 Kindle offers plenty of value for the staggeringly low price of entry.

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It takes 8 hours 59 minutes to read Amazon Kindle’s terms and conditions

Don't bother reading Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions because it will literally take you all day.

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Kindle Oasis review: The perfect e-reader for the 1 percent - Engadget

Engadget - It’s the best Kindle yet, but there’s no reason to spend $290 on it.

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Yay! I have decided to buy one oasis because my old kindle is now been old and i hate reading on it right now thats why i havent studied onit since last month. I wanted a change and i got that in oasis and. The reviews also looks good here and many of the other sites.