From Infrared to NFC: A Practical History of Mobile Sharing

It was in 1997, when Nokia released 6110 which brought infrared technology for their game: Snake. This unique technology which practically used for all circles in the world has succesfully become the first step of mobile sharing. Nokia planted Infrared device for the real functions such as: file sharing and games network.

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Sony MDR-1000X wireless headset review — noise cancelling beyond compare - Pokde

Sony MDR-1000X is by far the best wireless noise cancelling headset I have ever used, packed with features and also tons of Sony's audio technologies.


Wileyfox returns to form with the £159 Swift 2

A fingerprint scanner, NFC chip and aluminium body are among the notable upgrades.

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Apple says banks can't touch iPhone NFC without harming security

Apple really doesn't want to let anyone else use its contactless payment technology.

Modern iPhones come bundled with NFC chips that let users pay for things easily via Apple Pay, and the Cupertino giant is fighting back against attempts from Australian banks to gain access to it.

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