Nokia Lumia 800 Sales in the UK – An Excellent Start

Around one week ago, Lumia 800, one of Nokia’s first WP devices, has been made available throughout the UK. Although some predicted that Nokia’s WP devices are not going to sell well due to low demands, it turned out to be far better in the reality.
According to an official statement from Nokia, the sales of their Lumia 800 in the UK are off to an excellent start. Furthermore, it was also indicated that it was the best ever, first week sales of Nokia’s smartphones in the UK in recent history. There was indeed no further details given, especially regarding the exact number of devices sold, but the way they stated about their outstanding first week sales should give us a clue. They also aware of those premature sales analysis about the performance of Lumia 800, and how they estimated the sales of Nokia’s WP to be as low as 500,000 devices.

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