Microsoft TellMe, you have a lot of work to do to beat Siri

It seems Microsoft has a long way to go with regards to its voice recognition software used for TellMe.

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Speed-Racer4532d ago

Oh that MS phone is so dirty *tsk tsk tsk*

SalvatoreLeone4532d ago

MS will eventually get it right or buy someone who can lol. Same ol same ol.

mcgrottys4532d ago

it seems as though people think that tell me is new, It's been on win phone 7 since it came out. It's a technology over a year old, of course it isn't going to be as good as siri. Besides voice control has been on phones for years and I haven't seen it used once.

Speed-Racer4532d ago

A lot of people use Siri though.

KingPin4531d ago

whats the ratio if iphone users to windows 7 users? that could explain why people are using siri more.

But Apple does it again, copies another idea from its competitors, and releases it as the next big innovation as if they thought the shit up.

Speed-Racer4531d ago

@KingPin - Well not really talking about the aggregate numbers, but more proportionally. The thing is...Siri works, unlike many other voice recognition programs. Everyone on TechSpy knows that I am anti-Apple, but I will hand it to them that they took a decent idea and made it very good. I guess the piss off part is where the lawsuits start to get thrown around.

GrumpyVeteran4531d ago

Yeah, the thing is Apple doesn't innovate but they're good at taking existing ideas and polishing them up into something user-friendly that generally just works.

JOLLY14531d ago

I use voice on my Windows 7 phone every day. It works flawlessly. No, I can't ask it where to dump a body or to tell me a story, but I don't care about that. It opens apps (which siri doesn't do) It lets me say and listen to all of my text messages. I do all of my texting hands free. I will admit that it won't schedule an appt. but I can't add all the details I would want to add in a meeting with Siri either. The only reason people make a big deal aobut it is because that is all the 4s has new.

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Gondee4532d ago

Siri has a sort of personality and accessibility that most other phones don't have. when i had WP7 most the the time holding the windows button would open the voice thing then it would crash, so i don't know how good it was lol.

Strange_Evil4531d ago

What makes Siri much better than any other alternative is the fact that it actually feels like talking to a human and makes the task easier as opposed to other apps. I've used TellMe and Vlingo on both iOS and Android and the problem with such application is that they complicate the task rather than making it easier.

The best thing about Siri is the fact that you don't have to remember 'Keywords'. That makes a HUGE difference in terms of accessibility. I can ask 'How's the weather today' and it responds... You can follow it up with something like 'what about XYZ place?' and the again follow it up with 'is it gonna rain in ABC?' These context specific answers are what makes Siri special. In any other app, I would have to remember a keyword and say the same sentence for the above 3 task not missing the important words... Or else, like the video the dumb thing will directly search some garbage off Google.

This is just 1 example, there are countless such examples. Also, Apple can easily increase the functionality and add in more commands and even in the future maybe partner with some Companies to allow Siri working of 3rd party apps like Facebook, Netflix, Spotify etc (already, it's rumored that new commands are being added to iOS 5.1 update for accessing system features like starting camera, enabling 3G/Wifi etc...)

This is what most companies don't get and thats why they fall behind Apple. Apple knows exactly what the consumer wants, picks the idea (albeit old) and polishes to the point where people just love it and make a big deal and most anti-Apple fanboys go WTF we had that b4!!! Guess what... You did, but Apple polished the Coal and carved a Diamond out...

TheEatingVodka4531d ago (Edited 4531d ago )

LOL at you saying that companies are behind Apple just cause of Siri..
Dude! Nobody needs that it's just a passing fad.. Siri is the most useless thing Apple succeeded in making you buy thanks to their awesome marketing..
The iPhone 4S is basically the same phone they released last year with this "Siri" thing that is really useless and you tell us that the companies that really care about technology and incorporate bigger screens, better processors and thinner designs are behind Apple?

Strange_Evil4531d ago

No. I never said companies are behind Apple because of Siri. I said companies fail to understand why Apple is successful and they (like you) always pin it to the outstanding 'Marketing' Apple does which really isn't the case. Don't you think Microsoft, Google or Samsung has the same marketing power as Apple? All 3 of them have deep pockets, yet they fail to garner the same following.

The reason that you and most of the companies don't get is that Apple focuses of 2-3 basic things... Polishes it to the point that it virtually blows every1 away and people lap it up. Siri is just an example. It's the same way Apple introduced Muti-touch and the entire world wen nuts.

And I don't have much to say on the 4S front. I don't own an iPhone 4S... I have a GS2 and love it. My father has a 4S and I played with Siri and nothing in the market compares to it in terms of user friendliness. Again a testimate to Apple focusing on a single thing and making a winner. You even conveniently forgot that the 4S has double the specs of the 4 or the fact that the camera was a huge improvement. Or the fact that the 4S is currently the fastest phone in the market according to benchmarks. So take you fanboy googles off and see. Only cause it looks the same doesn't mean it's the same sh!t. I love the bigger screen on my GS2, but apart from that, I'd take the iOS over Android any day due to it's elegance and Ecosystem.

JOLLY14531d ago

Have you tried asking it what the "insert NFL team name here" score is? It's nice that Tellme gives me the score.

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