ASUS Transformer Prime running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich

AppSplit: "Well, it isn't pretty long since the Ice Cream Sandwich was ported to Galaxy S2 and Optimus 3D. Now, the worlds first Tegra 3 powered tablet “ASUS Transformer Prime” has also been spotted running the Android ICS."

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Speed-Racer4020d ago

Any idea when a rooted version is coming for the Nexus One?

dilawer4020d ago

Well, I've seen a G1 port [was running pretty bad...totally laggy] but still if a G1 can handle the ICS load [no pun intended] then I guess Nexus one will pretty much rock it :D

Waiting for the Galaxy S port.

Speed-Racer4020d ago

I don't think I'll change it though, because of the limited internal memory. Saw that the Galaxy Nexus is now being sold unlocked, so I'll pick up the GSM version next year. Let them work out the kinks first.

dilawer4020d ago

I think all kinks have already been worked out.

I'd say go with the SGS2. Galaxy Nexus might not be the perfect device...just saying!

dilawer4020d ago

As I already said, Just saying! :D

Bolts4019d ago

How the hell did you get so many bubbles?

NEW-AGE4019d ago

Im Soo excited , this and A PSVita in the same month, finally get to spend my Tax Refund, thankfully i waited